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Why International Airports are Like Huge Shopping Malls

Posted on Apr 11, 2016 in Resources

Why International Airports are Like Huge Shopping Malls

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that airports have made people’s lives easy, just like how malls offer a momentary escape through shopping and leisure. For instance, travellers get last-minute gift ideas from the vast collection of stores in Seoul’s Incheon International Airport. Additionally, a landing field such as London Gatwick presents a ton of nearby recreational areas like an F1 racing simulator, an old-fashioned theater, and an aviation museum. Basically, aside from a convenient location, these institutions look for ways to give comfort amidst the unforeseen hassles. Even finding parking spaces has become a priority over the years, especially at some of the busiest landing fields in the world, that’s why airports have stepped up in terms of providing solutions.

International airports, along the lines of the Hartsfield Jacksons and the London Heathrows of this world, accommodate thousands of passengers and hundreds of aircrafts on a daily basis. With these, comes the problem of congestion not just inside departure lounges, but also outside parking areas. For the constant improvement of facilities across the board, airport management allots a significant portion of their annual earnings. In addition, these higher ups welcome the services of online companies and the kinds of results they present. A review aggregator based in the UK, differentiates the four types of provisions as on-airport, off-airport, meet and greet, and airport hotel with parking. That way, travellers can truly enjoy the ease of finding appropriate car bays, as well as the peace of mind that comes with it.

To take these a step further, airports have also included exceptional dining options in their list of features. Narita International Airport, for example, has a restaurant called Sushi Kyotatsu, which serves some of the best Japanese cuisines in the country. The charming yet enigmatic food joint presents the perfect sushi to satisfy a passenger’s craving. On the other side of the globe, Buenos Aires’s Ezeiza International Airport has La Pausa. This fantastic restaurant offers authentic South American dishes like grilled bife de chorizo and four-cheese gnocchi. Furthermore, La Pausa highlights a wide selection of vino to cap off a traveller’s food adventure.

In hindsight, major international airports truly are like huge shopping malls. They are these grand establishments that have an array of high-end retail stores, congested parking spaces, and even topnotch restaurants. The only modification would be the booming sound of aircrafts hovering above, concealing the contrasting emotions of passengers within its confines.