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Don’t forget to thank

Posted on Dec 15, 2015 in Opinion

Don’t forget to thank

“Have a good trip.”
“Here is your home.”
“See you around the world!”
“Send me a postcard!”

And the same story just happened all over again: you left a new place with your heart in mouth due to all kinds of life experiences you shared and lived. You feel like shouting out loud a huge and sincere “thanks” to the Universe, being grateful for the feeling of wellbeing that others produced you on the way.

Someone hosted you, invited you to a coffee, showed you his favorite spot in town, shared a corner of his fridge with you and left you the keys of his house making you feel like at home. Someone picked you up at the station, welcomed you with a hug and explained you where to try best cakes in the area. You were introduced to new families and had the chance to meet new friends while having a beer. Real traveling means meeting people who allows you to see how they truly live, not when they are all dressed up ready for Friday Night but after, with slippers at home.

In the game of life, sometimes you find partners that leave you speechless. At times you meet people who you even didn’t suspect about their existence that would open the door of their home and their life treating you, naturally, as one more, one new member of the gang. Some other times is family who welcomes you and reminds you the value of bonding and hugging with no special reason. Even possible that the stars would be aligned to allow you share time with old friends that neither time nor distance made you forget. It is even feasible to connect deeply with newly found people on the way and keep relationships with them when distance and changes in life come to happen.

The feeling of being together with someone you just met and knowing you could speak without words is something you can no pay for. You need to experience it to understand it. Suddenly, you connect, you click and understand things about that new person in front of you that make you understand each other. Often you don´t know if you ever will see each other again but magic just happened and that is what matters. However, having “that type” of people across the world is an art that takes effort to keep them alive in the memory.

“A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all the other virtues”,” said Cicero. Life goes very quickly, we are here today and gone tomorrow. Giving thanks while we have a chance is significant.

Be sure to give enough hugs. Certainly there is no way in this world to show enough appreciation to someone who made you feel like at home when you are thousand miles from your origin. Don’t let circumstances around make life to go too fast.

Manage your time to thank others that really deserve. Take time to write a note, send a “little thing” by mail or a voice message to someone with whom you shared a magical evening.

If there was a moment that…

  • Made you shake your feet
  • Brought you to dance on the subway with your music
  • Made you burst out laughing
  • Made you see life in a different color
  • Provoked a reflection
  • Wanted to be kept in your memory forever

Then… Be thankful.

The week has 168 hours, choose 2 of them to thank moments that made you happy. Make a list of moments that you want to thank for. Doesn’t matter if they were brief or short. If they made you feel alive and vibrating, share and be grateful.

I will now start with my list of moments of joy. I have homework to do.

Author: Ingrid Gazquez was born and raised in Barcelona. Studied law and a Master’s in Human Rights, with focus on children rights and international adoption. Ingrid considers herself an entrepreneur. She has been living and working in five countries so far. Ingrid believes in exploring herself while exploring the world. She is currently studying her second master’s degree in Social Marketing and Community Management. She keeps her days busy by managing projects in the field of European Funds and Communications. Ingrid also enjoys daydreaming and her goal in life is to be happy while improving others’ lives.