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Six Incredibly Odd Restaurants

Posted on Aug 29, 2015 in Odd Places, Resources

Six Incredibly Odd Restaurants

Chefs around the world seek to gain attention and prestige for their cuisine– sometimes by outrageous means. Do you think these strange restaurant atmospheres add or detract from the dining experience?

Lainio Snow Village Ice Restaurant, Finland
Barely north of the Arctic Circle, this all-natural ice restaurant gives the guest a feel for local climate. Visitors are seated on benches made of ice, and served food on ice tables. The food, however, sounds incredible– local flavors ranging from reindeer, to meatballs with lingonberry jelly, to cream of potato soup. Would you be willing to risk the chill?

Yellow Treehouse Restaurant, New Zealand
Diners enter this warmly lit, egg-shaped treehouse via a 180 foot long walkway and are instantly transported to a magical, woodland wilderness. The food offered is both comforting and organic– including savory salads, creatively cooked vegetables, and tender, pan-fried meats.

Mars 2112, New York City
The only one of the six restaurants I have ever visited! I found the atmosphere light-hearted and amusing. As soon as you step into the building, you have the distinctive feeling that you are in a rerun of The Twilight Zone– with long red corridors, shadowy corners, and walls elaborately designed to mimic the terrain of the Red Planet. The dance floor itself was full of flashing, colorful lights, and had a very trippy, disco feel. Servers took on the role of bubbly martians and helped guide each “shuttle” of guests through a comfortable dining experience.

Safe House, Wisconsin
This restaurant really caters to the imagination. It is located in a building marked only with the words “International Exports Ltd” and upon arrival, each visitor much decode the riddle of the entry password. For entry without the password, each guest must complete embarrassing tasks. But you aren’t off the hook once you find a way inside! The building itself is littered with passages and trap doors, so you can finally live out your wildest dreams of international conspiracy and danger.

Modern Toilet, Taiwan
This restaurant really speaks for itself, Diners are seated on toilet seats and consume food from dishes resembling toilet seats. Entrees are labeled such appetizing things as “Hemorrhoid Ice.”
Anyone privy to this experience should consider themselves officially cultured.

Alcatraz ER, Japan
Another less-than-appetizing dining environment… Waiters, dressed as orderlies, lead diners to barred cells and pretend to inject them with sedatives, whereupon “nurse” waitresses attend to their “patient’s” meal orders. Have you ever wanted to try “human intestines” or “busted brains”? These are only a few of the delectable items available on the hospital-prison’s restaurant menu.

Author: Brenna Conley, a recent graduate of Berry College in Rome, Georgia with a degree in Creative Writing. Brenna is grateful for the restless nature she was born with; for her constant desire to travel and learn. Much of her fiction writing is inspired by the landscapes and people that she meet, the beautiful climates and surreal moments that surround her. She and her best friend recently hitchhiked from Portugal to Italy and through the U.K. The experienced turned into the most defining experience of her life. She hopes that her heart will never stop craving the road, and that as long as her feet can carry her, she will continue to run towards adventure.