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Travel-Handy First Aid Kit for Women

Posted on Aug 15, 2015 in First Aid, Resources

Travel-Handy First Aid Kit for Women

Whether you are heading out on a marine adventure beneath the deep blue sea, a five year long space exploration, a trek across the hottest desert on earth, or just a weekend hike through the nearby woods, you better think twice before leaving home without some sort of travel-handy first aid kit. Depending on the intensity and length of the trip you are planning, you may want to (greatly) elaborate upon these basic resources. Use the following as a check-list for essentials you might will regret not packing.

Ibuprofin or other pain relievers
As an American, I am aware of my cultural tendency to over-prescribe and over-medicate for the slightest of ailments. However, spontaneous trips are full of spontaneous aches and injuries, and relentless pain will greatly hinder the progress of your journey. Just in case of a severe headache or extremely sore shoulders, bring some Advil.

Antiseptic Cream and bandages
I can’t tell you how many times I have been traveling and unexpectedly cut myself on barbed wire, tree vines, cement stairs, or glass. The cut itself might not be bad, but if you wait around for a nasty infection to sneak up on you, it could really put a damper on that twenty mile hike you’re supposed to conquer…

Anti-nausea and Non-diarrheal Medications
Foreign food, foreign water, too much heat, not enough water, insect bites, change of altitude, change of climate– you name it! The body reacts to slight changes in strange ways. Be prepared. (Note: Ginger can also be used as a natural remedy for nausea, digestion problems, or food poisoning.)

Burn Cream
After the closure on my bra melted to my back during an incident with an exploding bonfire, I can say that I know firsthand the trauma of being without burn cream when it is needed. Especially if you are planning a camping trip, and will be dealing with lighting and maintaining bonfires, it is wise to pack a bottle of burn cream/ointment. Just in case.

While tweezers seem more of a cosmetic resource for eyebrow upkeep, they are surprisingly handy. I have used tweezers to remove stingers and splinters from the skin; they can also be used to remove debris or glass from a fresh wound.

Baking Soda
Can be taken orally for urinary tract infections or intense heartburn. It can also be used on spider bites, if made into a salve.

Superglue and Butterfly Bandages
It is always a shame to leave in the middle of a grand adventure because you need to get stitches. Fortunately, if the wound or cut is small enough, a hospital trip might not be necessary. Using superglue and butterfly bandages, you can cement the opening shut to prevent infection and minimalize scarring.

Author: Brenna Conley, a recent graduate of Berry College in Rome, Georgia with a degree in Creative Writing. Brenna is grateful for the restless nature she was born with; for her constant desire to travel and learn. Much of her fiction writing is inspired by the landscapes and people that she meet, the beautiful climates and surreal moments that surround her. She and her best friend recently hitchhiked from Portugal to Italy and through the U.K. The experienced turned into the most defining experience of her life. She hopes that her heart will never stop craving the road, and that as long as her feet can carry her, she will continue to run towards adventure.