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500 years ago, women were disadvantaged in the freedoms of movement, speech, and lifestyle choices. 500 years later, has there been any change?

  • Women are forbidden from driving a car in Saudi Arabia. They can ride bicycles, but must wear a full-body abaya (veiled cloak), be accompanied by a male relative, and are bounded within certain areas.
  • Road safety rules do not apply to women in India.
  • 62% of all students enrolled in the universities of Pakistan are female but the majority of them do not possess the opportunity to work. They face difficulties on their daily commutes because it is considered taboo for women to be out of their homes, alone.

Are these restrictions not ridiculous, in a modern world where the internet unites us as one and grants us the freedom and knowledge to explore the world? Is it not time to rise up and take action against prejudice and ignorance, and support freedom of movement for women?

Let us do it right now! Join us and fight for freedom!

The Freedom Traveller (TFT) is an award-winning initiative working towards the realization of women’s right to mobility. TFT connects and empowers female travellers, especially from the countries where freedom of movement for women is restricted, with a platform where women of all nationalities and beliefs can actively network, share knowledge and resources, and map their experiences of travel.

What others are saying?

For women to be empowered and able to thrive, they must be able to move. People talk about mobility, but they’re not talking about women’s mobility. At the individual level, when we talk about women’s mobility, we’re talking about being able to drive a car or go out at night, to be able to carry their goods to the market to earn a livelihood, to be able to swim to safety in a flood or tsunami. – Jan Peterson, Chair Huairou Commission
A woman needs a room of her own. Certainly a woman needs a room of her own, and economic independence, but she also needs to be able to freely exit that room and re-enter it at will. Otherwise the room becomes a prison cell. – For Muslim Women, True Struggle is for Freedom of Movement, Professor Writes
Today, I may be burdened with a lifelong mission of promoting gender equality, but I am also blessed with a purpose. And as they say, a life without purpose is, well, pointless. – SPEAK OUT: The Freedom Traveller
Every day, the Women’s National Cycling Team of Afghanistan faces ridicule and threats. And still they ride—with their eyes on the 2020 Olympics. Men driving by insult them. Boys along the road throw rocks at them. Sometimes they don’t have enough money to buy adequate food to fuel their rides. Every day, they are reminded that it is taboo in Afghan society for a woman to get on a bicycle. And still they ride. “They tell us that it is not our right to ride our bikes in the streets and such,” says Marjan Sidiqqi, one of the young women on the team. “We tell them that this is our right and that they are taking our right away. Then we speed off.” – Biking Toward Women’s Rights in Afghanistan
Whenever we had to go to school or college, either we had to walk in form of groups or my brother or father had to accompany us. Whenever no one was available to chaperone us to our school, we stayed home. Believe it or not, it is a way of life in Pakistan. It is an acceptable part of the culture. Women stay inside the house and are not to leave with out a chaperone. I saw nothing wrong with it then. It was only when I came to USA and actually enjoyed going to places alone with out being harassed is when I realized that how wrong our cultural practice in Pakistan is. – Sexual Harassment of women on the streets of Pakistan

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